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Lanzarote Wedding Planners

Bow Tie: Funky twist to your groom´s style

Lanzarote Wedding Planners

It is not a secret that bow ties are trendy and stylish, becoming the groom´s star accesory. Don´t limit the bow tie to be black or white, or just with a tail coat or tuxedo. Bow tie could be your differentiate ítem.

There are so many colors that may look great.Break away from black and turn to the louder colors.  And what about the fabric? They could be cotton, silk, linen, velvet, tafeta … and prints? geometric, plaid, dots, flowers ….

Bow tie reborn for those special moments, adding a touch of carácter to your groom´s outfit Be Different !!

Are you going to tie one? Get inspired !!!


Lanzarote destination wedding

Photo: Pinteres, Jack&Heath Photography, KT Merry

Bow tie trends

Photos: Alexander Loosle, Neil Jackson, Corina V. and Susie Baird.

Novios con pajarita

Photo: Marion Heurtebust, Ahmed Zed, Matt Lien

Groom inspiration

Photo: Nicole Diane, Callway Gable Studios and via

Lanzarote Wedding Planners

Photo: Maureen Do Preez, Laksal Perera and The Portos

Grooms bow tie

Photos: Bluespark Phtography, via and Bespoke Dudes.



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