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Coverups to be stylish

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Winter is coming and we can already feel the cooler weather. Although Lanzarote enjoys a wonderful weather with warm temperatures who has said that brides can´t keep warm?

You know that we love different brides. Something as simple or basic as a cardigan can rock your unique style bride´s look.

We show you different options, all of them romantic, funny and stylish. We don´t want to tag each model with a bridal look because we love all of them ! Which one is perfect for you?


Denim jacket

Probably our favourite one, and a perfect combination for a beach wedding. Mine was ready for my wedding but it was a perfect summer nigth by the sea and it was not necessary.

Lanzarote Weddings Photos: Pinterest

Leather Jacket

We just can say Wow! Rock and roll brides ! For brides looking for something diferente.

Wedding inspiration Photos: Pinterest

Plaid shirt

Don´t you think the result is incredible? We love it for rustic and funny weddings.

wedding inspiration

Photos: Pinterest

Sequin jacket

So cute and glamorous, but take care with the sparkling.

Lanzarote weddings

Photos: Pinterest


Probably the most classic one, but soo romantic and girly. Perfect to add your touch of color to your look.

Lanzarote wedding

Photos: Pinterest

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