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Dogs at weddings

Perros en las bodas

Should my four legged, furry and adorable friend be part of my big day?  They are our best and loyal friend, a member of the family but should my dog be in my wedding? 

You may consider the following points about pet behavior ¿is he naugthy or quiet? ¿Is he obedient and well trained? ¿Will he feel comfortable around your guest? or other questions as Is the venue pet friendly? Are they wellcome? Who is going to take care of him? ….nobody knows your dog as you do.

But there are  other ways to share your wedding memories with your dog as including them in the photo session. Check out some cute ideas with our fur babies? Aren´t they so georgeous ??


Perros en bodas
Bodas y perros

Photos: Rachel Rose Photography and Brandon Scott Photography

Pupies in weddings
Mascotas en las bodas
Perros en las bodas

Photo: Joe Mikos Photographers, Jeremiah&Rachel Photographers and Tana Photography

Flurry friends in dogs
Pets and weddings
Brides and her dogs
Weddings and dogs

Photos: via Pinterest, I heart weddings and Elizabeth Messina 

Dogs in weddings
Pupies and weddings

Photos: Jacquie Lynn Photography

Perros y bodas
Dogs at weddings furry friends
Invitados de honor nuestras mascotas

Photos: Dottie Photography, Marta Locklear Photography and Jen + Ashley

Pets and weddings
Perros en las bodas

Photos: Aloha Studio and The Love Forest/Patricia

Pets and weddings
Tu mascota en tu boda

Photos: via Pinterest and Caroline Lina Photography

Dog at wedding
Incluir perros en bodas

Photos: Caroline Lima Photography and Shannon Von Eschen Photography


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