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Wedding rules are changing. We live in a digital age, where everybody is connected. Everybody has a smartphone, tablets …and people loves to share their special moments in the social networks, so it makes sense to think that having your own wedding website could be an special option for the best day of your lives.

Do not worry if your parents says this is unacceptable, or if your Aunt Rose is not connected, you can make traditional invitations for those who lives off the grid, and share all your wedding information with the rest of your guest by your personalizad wedding website.

If you want something fun and original for your wedding this is your chorice,

@linamireillecanales, community manager, tell us benefits of having your wedding website:

– Share with your family and friends, by email through social networks, the most special day of your life. You just have to give your personalized link, for example

– Share the information with your guests about your wedding: the day, the place, dress code, if your wedding is thematic ….

– Share with them your love story

– Share the photos of the wedding organization process through a hashtag# in Instagram, wich will be automatically load on your virtual card.

– Eliminate the choice of invitation cards, sending cards process, telephone calls for help confirmation … and receives in your email the confirmation of your guests.

– Inform your guest about your wedding gift list

– The guest have the same information on the same day of the wedding: schedules, venue and location map to arrive at a time and not miss any detail.

– Share the photo gallery of the best moments of your love story, before, during and after the wedding.


Do you want to have a 3.0 wedding?

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