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Destination wedding

Destination wedding is defined as marrying at least 100 miles away. It can understandably be a bit dauting at first but there are many great reasons to plan a destination wedding: imagine the options that opens up for you.

Choose your venue hometown may be limited by things like seasonal climate, budget or just as simple as you don´t want the same homespots your friends have booked

Who does not excited of getting married somewhere gorgeous and unique?

Tie the knot in Lanzarote, a piece of paradise: a tropical beach, a vineyard surrounded by volcanos, a sea front private village, sailing ship …

Planning a wedding means a big challenge, imagine getting married 1000 miles away. Leave the stress at home! Destination Weddings means leave the details and organization to a local destination wedding planner, who take care of everything. You can focus on more important things: your lovest ones. You´ll have the chance to value your time and really have fun and make memories with your guests.

A destination wedding is a great excuse to limit the guest list. Just be sure to check with your lovest before finalizing any details. It is the opportunity to have a small and intimate celebration you were looking for.

It also means a minimun of three days. Now that you´ve got your nearest and dearest together, you can spend quality time with them. It´s time to integrate all of your friends and family together and have a really good time. It´s like a mini vacation for everyone !! They will remember your wedding all their lifes!

Destination wedding are also an opportunity for those couples steering away from the traditional black-tie weddings. More and more brides wants their weddings be remembered as a fun  and casual party, and destination wedding involves casual feels.

Lanzarote is waiting for you! Paradise is closer than you imagine.


Lanzarote Wedding Destination

Photos, up to down, left to rigth: Ylenia Sánchez Morales, Roberto Mejide/RbrMjd, Lanzarote Beach Wedding and Henri Kobylecki.  Source: Conocer Lanzarote

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